Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Which laboratory equipment will be covered within the scope of LabSPX services?

All instruments. Our goal is to perform all instrument related necessary laboratory tasks, so no type of instrument is excluded. Doing this, we create a peace of mind so your lab personnel can fully focus on core tasks. Of course, due to certain circumstances it can be determined that some instruments are excluded from our services, but initially our intention is all present instruments in your lab.

Our Instrument Management is regulated and controlled by (dedicated) software. Does LabSPX use specific software or can we use our current software?

LabSPX will perform all necessary tasks with the available systems and processes. Our service is not restricted by your current way of working. So there is no need to change your software.

How does LabSPX guarantee continuity with their services in case the assigned engineer isn’t available?

We assign 2 dedicated engineers to every customers. In case one can’t be present, the other can jump in and provide the same service. Behind the scenes we will make sure both engineers are present so they can maintain a certain level of quality and continuity. (which is demanded by ISO)

Who will perform all actions on-site in our laboratory? Will this always be the same person?

Our services are a combination of specific disciplines. We select people on certain skills like, engineering/chemical/life science background, on-site capabilities, ownership and pro-active attitude. We will assign 2 of our engineers to you, who will create a schedule defining who will be present at what moment. To deliver the required quality it must be a dedicated team, since there is training involved.

How is LabSPX involved when sudden defects occur?
Als het een kritisch instrument betreft, zal het in gang zetten van de reparatie via LabSPX geen tijdwinst opleveren. Zodoende zal dit het snelst door uzelf opgepakt kunnen worden. Als het om een niet urgente storing gaat, kan dit aan LabSPX overgedragen worden en zetten wij de juiste handelingen in gang. Als u op zoek bent naar superclone Replica Rolex, Super Clone Rolex is de plek om naartoe te gaan! De grootste collectie nep-Rolex-horloges online!
Does LabSPX have an accreditation?

LabSPX will perform tasks and actions according to your current SOPs or processes. This means that we perform work according to your current quality system / level.

How do we define the responsibilities of LabSPX?

A laboratory is a mix of complex and dynamic processes. Because of this, LabSPX will look at your current processes and based on this, we will divide the responsibilities. This way everybody is aware of what should be done and how to communicate.

What type of maintenance does LabSPX perform in the laboratory?

Our goal is to perform all tasks which are not adding value to your lab, but must be performed (necessary work). This, in general, includes periodic validations, calibrations, ordering of chemicals and/or spares, planning external services etc.

Are we obligated to cancel the service we receive from current suppliers due to the presence of LabSPX?

No. LabSPX takes over the actions which are currently performed by your personnel.
Instruments that require preventative maintenance are usually high-end instruments. All high-end instruments need skilled attention, which can only be performed by experienced and trained engineers of your suppliers.
LabSPX will plan and initiate these external maintenance actions for you. So all your current suppliers will stay in place.

We are currently working with instrument owners. How does LabSPX deal with this?

The responsibilities of instrument owners differ from laboratory to laboratory. Our experience is that the responsibility will not change. But the person who performs the required tasks will shift from instrument owner to LabSPX.   

We have a GMP department, does LabSPX have experience in this kind of environment?

We have successfully deployed our services in a GMP environment. Contact us for more detailed information about this experience. Go to the contact page

What is the price of a collaboration with LabSPX?

The main reason for outsourcing work is cost reduction. Do you want to know how LabSPX helps you to reduce the workload and costs? Contact us now