Increase the productivity of your laboratory through optimisation.

Make the most of your time by outsourcing your equipment management to LabSPX.

We offer a unique, new service, tailored to laboratories in the Life Science and Chemical markets.

Optimize your laboratory

We help laboratories in the Benelux to be more efficient by optimizing processes.

Are you lacking people in the laboratory? Would you like more control over equipment 'uptime' or would you like to reduce analysis time? Together with you, we identify the 'bottlenecks' within your process and choose the most successful method to apply improvements, never losing sight of the goal of optimization. And who would you rather do this with than a partner with over 100 years of experience in the laboratory world?

Equipment management is surrounded by processes. Usually these processes have been in place for several years and grow steadily due to increasing quality demands and growing businesses.
Beside our equipment management services, we can dive deeper into your laboratory processes with our Consultancy services. LabSPX Consultancy will focus on the high frequency transactions. Processes in your laboratory will be shortened and automatically increase the overall quality. We will flag any type of ‘waste’ and continuous improve the processes around the Equipment management. Our view is from start to finish, so the impact of our services spread further than only at the initial laboratory equipment stage. We use proven methods to optimize your laboratory and increase overall efficiency

Our experience with laboratories has taught us that no two laboratories are the same. This experience has also taught us that supporting lab activities are often not eligible for optimisation. A shame, because a great opportunity to make the lab function even better is missed. Our service helps you to optimise the supporting lab activities. How? You can read that below.

Our On-site service at a glance

100 year experience in service

Reclaim your equipment as a tool, not a task

About us


Expert in laboratory optimisation
With our consultancy services, we work together with you, proactively, to find out how we can make your laboratory even better.

LabSPX On-site services

Implementation of all supporting lab activities, ensuring that your staff can concentrate on what really adds value.

Contract management

100% management of your current maintenance contracts

We centralise all maintenance contracts and ensure that all contracts are up to date, all contracts are linked to an instrument number/serial number and ensure that the work is scheduled on time with the supplier. We also take care of preparing the certificates and forms.

LabSPX: A bright glance, with a critical view

About us

LabSPX delivers tailor made equipment management services within the BeNeLux.

We take care of your complete equipment management with passion and responsibility. Our team of engineers will enable your laboratory staff to focus on their core business.
We help you to create a pleasant work environment by absorb all necessary but non added-value tasks.

Who are you?

Having trouble finding the right personnel? Are you looking for ways to improve the work environment within your laboratory? And would you like to make your laboratory more efficient in both quality and productivity?

Are you looking for ways to be more attractive as an employer? Every laboratory is unique in its kind. Are you looking for a way to have 100% confidence and grip on your equipment management? From Validation to stock?

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