Everybody is convinced that satisfaction in work is highly important. But what defines satisfaction in work? This means having the right balance between the things you want to do and have to do.

A laboratory is a demanding workspace. Being involved with a project adds to make your job fascinating and meaningful.

What if we look at the unpleasant tasks, more importantly, the tasks of which people run away from. In practise we experience that it is the non-challenging, frequent or periodic tasks like validation of instruments, calibrations, de-icing freezers etc., know as general equipment management.
What we see is that these tasks are performed in the available last hours of the week, with less commitment and almost zero ownership.

Outsourcing these tasks will increase the work satisfaction and brings back the ownership to theses tasks which are directly linked to quality (interal & external).

Oursource time consuming tasks

The only reason for outsourcing is cost reduction. But the impact is found further then only financial. So, which price does fun at work has?
Is it time to ask this question to your lab? What are the most time-consuming tasks, which do not directly add value for your customer? Which tasks create frustration throughout the laboratory?

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