by Mar 9, 2020

Laboratories face a growing demand in complexity regarding regulations, both national and international. What do our services include? Preventative and corrective maintenance, validations, IQ-OQ-PQ, supplier management regarding service and support, purchase of goods and equipment, negotiation with suppliers, stock management. In one word: Equipment Management.

Managing instruments in a laboratory requires time, specific knowledge and experience. With 100 years of service experience in our backpack, we put our people to work where they are good at: hands-on, on the equipment and its immediate working environment. With an analytical view and taking into account your internal QMS, we carry out the actions so that your instruments are no longer a task, but a 'tool' again. One point of contact, one overview. You can leave everything that is involved in your instrument management to us. Translated with (free version)

On-Site services

Centralize your equipment management at one location: LabSPX

  • IQ
  • OQ
  • PQ
  • Validation (weekly, monthly, quaterly, yearly)
  • Calibration
  • Planning external periodic maintance
  • Repairs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Logbook mangement

Increase your lab efficiency

Do you have the feeling that you can get more out of your laboratory? Wherever it is increasing quality, productivity or number of analyses, it can do better?

How to achieve this?

All activities are important, but not all of them have direct added value. You can think of examples like validations, checking and administrative tasks like filling in logbooks, calibrations etc. But also things like storage management and consumables, getting in contact with a supplier to schedule a yearly maintenance etc.

All these tasks together are called: Equipment management

If you take the sum of the duration of all these individual tasks, only then it shows how much time it consumes. Usually the equipment management is devided between all employees, like a rotation scheme. Either way, its on top of the normal workload for the researcher. Having no standardization and multiple people performing tasks will increase variation and decreases quality.

LabSPX helps laboratories increase their efficiency by taking over the complete equipment management. We centralize all tasks, standardize and optimize procedures and shorten duration time. This will save you time and money and will increase overall quality. 

Dedicated responsible engineer

What if we help make one engineer responsible for all instruments maintenance and tasks. It is not nessecary to have this engineer availivle for 40 hours a week. In most cases 1 or 2 days is enough to perform all required equipment management tasks and stock management. In case this particular engineer is also capable of servicing small errors and fails, then this is add on to the overall cost reduction.  

Do you want to know if our service is applicable in your laboratory or do you want to talk about the possibilities?
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